November 22, 2021

Describe how Remote Managed IT Services Work and Why they are Beneficial

The increased integration of technology and IT systems into every layer of an organization has led to an increase in complexities and costs. Managed services have become more in demand as companies fear not remaining competitive with the latest technologies and the difficulty of finding experts to navigate the techno maze - fueling demand for IT professional services companies.

In addition to hosting and cloud solutions, we help clients design remote managed IT services and solutions that meet their specific needs on their premises.

Server Support & Management

Storage Management

Network Management

IT Asset Management

Application Management

Network Operations Center Service

Desktop Management

Remote Staff Augmentation

It all depends on the type of expertise a client wants and how much help they need. Remote management of servers, storage, networks, operating systems, and databases is one of our specialties. We can also design a flexible solution where we provide augmentation to clients' existing systems and employees. Remote management services offered by brocentasia allow clients to retain some or all of their existing software, tools, or business processes.

Using our Consulting Services and Discover assessment tool, our Remote Management Services offer flexibility and recommendations for infrastructure and networks. A comprehensive assessment of the client's infrastructure provides our teams with information about the client's critical systems, resource usage, and risk areas. Based on the specific requirements for remote management, we will recommend the best approach for providing a management model.

The Benefits

Enterprises can benefit from our expertise in areas such as cloud, applications, security, compliance, infrastructure, and end-user services. Thanks to Remote Management Services, you can now access this expertise more flexibly and agilely.

Clients can access the tools they have invested in, such as a service desk ticket system, security, and network devices.

A system or process that is user-facing minimizes disruptions to internal operations.

Management of IT skills and staffing costs eliminates corresponding skills gaps.

Invest in critical business needs by redirecting internal resources.

IT infrastructure and network are more productive and efficient, with higher availability.

24/7 technical support onsite or offsite available.

Monitoring and patch management are centralized for enhanced optimization.

Protect endpoints, network devices, desktops, servers, and mobile devices.

With antivirus protection, keep your systems safe from hackers, worms, and viruses.

Back up and restore all data.

With quality support operations, you will accelerate incident response and resolution. BETA