October 25, 2021

Email Security is Everything for any Company

It is a full-time job to keep an organization safe. Email is the primary threat vector. Managed Email Security by Brocenrasia lets you concentrate on other priorities while we protect your employees against advanced email threats.

Do You Know How Secure Email Is?

During the development of email, it was essential to making the format accessible and open. The technology enables communication between employees in different organizations as well as between employees in other organizations. One of the problems is that email is not secure. Attackers can make attempts to profit from this by using email to cause problems. Email security is a problem that attackers are increasingly exploiting, whether spear-phishing attempts, malware ploys, or spam campaigns. Because most businesses rely on email to do business, attackers typically target emails to access sensitive info.

A security policy for email

Email plays such an important role in businesses today that organizations have determined how to handle this information flow. Most organizations establish the policy of viewing incoming emails flowing through their servers as one of the first things they do. Understanding what the entire email says will help you take appropriate action. Having implemented these baseline policies, organizations can enact various security policies on those email messages.

Taking security precautions with email

We should implement secure email gateways as the first best-practice companies must follow. Email gateways scan and filter all incoming and outgoing emails throughout an organization to ensure that threats do not enter the network. Security measures such as blocking known harmful file attachments are no longer effective due to increasingly sophisticated attacks. In addition, a multi-layered approach for deploying secure email gateways would be better.

Protect your business data with endpoint security

The Managed Endpoint Security solution proactively detects and responds to advanced security threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing, and social engineering, as well as combating insider threats that could compromise intellectual property and company assets.

Every business needs endpoint security

Most information security breaches arise from endpoint devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and POS terminals. The best time to hire managed endpoint security is before there is a data breach. Every company today needs endpoint security software. If you don't hire trained professionals to manage your endpoint security, maintaining visibility across your whole network will be very difficult. Our team of cybersecurity experts will assist you in understanding and implementing this critical component of your cybersecurity strategy.

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