May 18, 2022

How to Manage IT Infrastructure Deployment

IT infrastructure deployment involves defining the order of operations, often mentioned as a deployment plan, that must be approved to deliver changes into a target system setting. Infrastructure is to meet the business needs of an association, that supports the enterprise construction, facilitates infrastructures, facilitates the achievement of business objectives, etc. IT Infrastructure deployment can take advantage of the central services provided by an identity management substructure. To create a good traditional infrastructure, organizations typically follow a formal process that starts through analysing and retrieving business goals, creating architectural and design choices, building and applying the design, and then enhancing and maintaining the infrastructure. The process typically involves detailed expertise, including data centre building plan, subsystem, and module selection, and quality construction methods.

IT Infrastructure Deployment planning objectives

The objective of IT Infrastructure Deployment Planning is to safeguard those changes deployed into a target system environment are performed in a structure and the repeatable manner in order to reduce the hazard of failure. The purpose of the release and deployment planning is to:

Describe and agree on release and deployment plans with customers and stakeholders.

Safeguard that each release package consists of a set of associated assets and service components that are well-matched with each other.

Safeguard that integrity of a release package and its basic components is maintained throughout the transition actions and recorded accurately in the conformation management system.

Safeguard that all the release and deployment packages can be tracked, installed, verified, or uninstalled, if appropriate.

Safeguard that change is achieved during the release and deployment actions.

Record and accomplish deviations, risks, and issues related to the new or altered service, and take necessary remedial action.

Safeguard that there is knowledge transfer to allow the customers and users to optimize their use of the service to care for their business activities.

Safeguard those skills and knowledge are moved to operations and support staff to enable them to successfully and efficiently deliver, and maintain the service, according to required guarantees and service levels

Infrastructure Deployment plan template

A deployment template is a liberated deployment plan which defines the steps of implementation but not the profiles and schemes. Deployment templates are designs from which deployment plans can be shaped.

Typical information taken for each step in the deployment plan is as follows:

The Sequence Number

The Activity Name

The Activity Description

The Scripted Instruction

The Start Date

The Expected Duration

Responsible Resource

May 12, 2022

Brocent Offers You A 24x7 Help Desk For Your Business

The Brocent Help Desk staff manages over 15 thousand IT problems and takes messages every year. We enable multinational companies in offering specialized or dedicated onsite IT engineer support services in the ASIA region while following tight SLA and IT quality management systems. We deliver high-quality business IT help desk and remote network monitoring services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why should you go to Brocent?

We presently run 24x7 Help Desk centres in China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, employing ITIL compliant procedures and cutting-edge IT management capabilities.

Over 90% of all Help Desk service requests are resolved in under 40 seconds (industry leading). Our Help Desk teams are structured by client so that they can become acquainted with your systems and people. Our remote services team or an on-site inspection by one of our expert engineers resolves issues. We've got your back.

Our Help Desk is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 backline IT engineers who are skilled in dealing with problems of any kind.

These certified IT technicians use standard IT methods and systems to rapidly fix your troubles in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. You benefit from faster resolutions, less downtime, and more engaged users. Furthermore, practically all of our clients have decreased their IT Help Desk operational expenses.

Rather than spending money on training to stay up with the latest technology or employing new IT workers experienced in a certain area (which may be difficult to locate), let BROCENT give you the 24x7 Help Desk solutions you want for each of the skills and expertise you require. Gain the knowledge and expertise of IT experts, including over 150 participants with qualifications in more than 70 areas. You may only require a resource when a certain issue arises, yet this assistance might make a massive difference.

Organizations that use 24x7 Help Desk services save time and money on training, costly trouble ticket systems, and support fees for PCs, MACs, mobile devices, email, VoIP, networks, servers, and Office Suite application support. Our mission is to assist your team in maximising the use of technology to increase productivity.

Brocent typically begins any onsite IT support service rollout by evaluating your company objectives and how It could be utilised to generate business benefits.

May 12, 2022

Network Hardware Maintenance with Brocent

BROCENT offers the premier IT managed service and maintains the advanced technology solutions provided by those major automakers, leveraging our specialized technicians as virtual team members in conjunction with the best vendor resources to deliver critical network operations and supporting processes. Our experts may collaborate with you to integrate particular services into a comprehensive operations and maintenance package that provides a turn-key or managed service solution tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

Cisco, Fortinet, Huawei, Juniper Networks, and more brands are among those we support. Whether you require occasional guidance, full-time assistance, or the resolution of issues in the middle of the night, you can rely on technical support solutions to suit your needs.

Why Brocent?

As your local virtual network management team, BROCENT will provide full-hedged network and system specialized engineers and partners to execute crucial network operations and support services.

Our level II/III system professionals may collaborate with you to integrate certain services into a comprehensive operations and network hardware maintenance package that provides a turn-key or managed service solution tailored to your specific needs and expectations. It is vital to select the correct network technology to help you create and expand your business.

Simultaneously, it appears to be even more vital to plan and design how you support such network solutions in order to boost network confidence and client satisfaction.

BROCENT's whole network operation team provides excellent performance and availability while minimizing risk exposures and drastically reducing capital and operating expenses.

Inventory and configuration management of IT assets.

Remote network management and network monitoring.

Move/Add/Changes and Reactive Dispatch Operations (IMAC).

24x7 Help Desk Emergency services are available here on Brocent. Most of our clients do not want to recruit an in-house IT support team, or their needs do not necessitate a full-time IT professional. Here is where Technology Support Hong Kong or China Mainland may help. We may serve as your outsourced technical support department as well as backup for your in-house IT employees. On-site, our staff ensures that everything runs smoothly, effectively, and safely. Your firm may require us to come in on a weekly or monthly basis, or just to be on-call in the event of an emergency.

Active network management and monitoring are required for next-generation transport networks to be cost-effective, secure, and dependable. BROCENT is deploying a suite of preventative management technologies to address your network operations needs and give a quick, measurable return on investment by lowering expenditures.

April 26, 2022

Manage IT Cloud Services With Brocent.

BROCENT offers professional IT services such as multi-cloud design and implementation to clients in accordance with local regulations and business needs, particularly for differentiated needs in information technology, storage, data inter-cloud backup, web hosting with ICP, and multiple database service provision. We are thirteen years old. Teams from China's mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan operate together. We strive to provide high-quality, quick-response service to our consumers, who hail from the United States, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, China, India, and other parts of the world. We are your Asia-based IT department.

Microsoft 365 and AZURE: Cloud design and configuration for Exchange, SharePoint, Azure AAD, Azure Storage.

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Cloud Implementation Solution for VDI Desktops as a Service, Online Storage, and Backup, and Applications on the ECS Server.

ALICLOUD: Website Hosting, Load Balancing, ECS Hosting Service, and Rational Cloud Database Service in the Cloud.

Tencent Cloud: Set up the ECS Application Hosting, MYSQL in the cloud, Website Hosting and ICP Service, and Intelligent DNS.

Construct a minimal IT infrastructure in the cloud for your remote offices. Manage all of your IT equipment's setup and security remotely and securely through the internet.

Only managed Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync services are available with Office 365 Small Business and Small Business Premium. It enables you to work from nearly any location, communicate more efficiently, and utilize familiar Office products in a variety of areas. Work from anywhere and efficiently:

The managed IT Cloud services provide corporate flexibility by enabling you to operate from anywhere and access files as if they were on your own network. It's perfect for businesses that have remote workers, dispersed teams, or field staff.

Moving to the Cloud means no more server capital, no more updates, patches, or malware worries. When you put your systems in the cloud, you only pay a basic, regular monthly price.

You don't have to worry about software releases, compatibility concerns, or hardware updates with a Cloud-based solution. It's a simple and straightforward solution to reduce your IT costs.

Cloud Solutions in Asia:

As your company expands to Asia, you may need to first expand its IT network and IT infrastructure APAC to construct a web host for marketing purposes, as well as to set up local computers, a domain, a file server, data backup, and email to simplify local company on IT, a cloud-based IT solution should always be the first priority. Using a local cloud-based IT solution and for compliance purposes, BROCENT provides you with a personalized and straightforward IT solution that will help you land your business without any problem!

March 22, 2022

The connection between the Managed Wireless Network and IT Support and Managed Services.

BROCENT offers managed wireless network such as multi-cloud design and implementation to clients by local regulations and business needs, particularly for differentiated computing, storage, data inter-cloud backup, web hosting with ICP, and various database service providing.

One of the most tempting characteristics of cloud backup restoration is that it can be performed from virtually any computer. If a data center is inaccessible, for example, a company might rapidly recover its data to a disaster recovery site in another region.

Full backups copy the entire data set every time a backup is begun. As a result, they provide the finest protection available.

In incremental backups, only data that has changed or been updated since the last backup is backed up. This method saves time and storage space, but it makes a full restore more complex.

Differential backups are similar to incremental backups in that only altered data is included.

IT support and managed services give your business more flexibility by allowing you to work from anywhere and access files as if they were on your network. It's ideal for businesses with dispersed teams, field employees, and remote workers.

Using the cloud eliminates the need for server capital expenses as well as upgrades, fixes, and malware scares. When your systems are hosted on the Cloud, you merely pay a basic, predictable monthly fee.

With a wireless network, you won't have to worry about software updates, compatibility issues, or hardware upgrades. It's a quick and painless way to cut your IT spending.

Typically based on a client software program that runs on a timetable determined by the bought level of service and the demands of the customer. For example, if a customer has agreed to daily backups, the application collects, compresses, encrypts, and sends data to the cloud service provider's servers daily. Following the initial complete backup, the service provider may only provide incremental backups to preserve bandwidth and reduce file transfer time.

March 22, 2022

What is IT Asset Disposal when you Could Require IT Asset Disposal

A well-designed IT asset program addresses all of your disposal requirements while maximizing retired asset value in a secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly manner. Iron Mountain provides Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposal services, as well as correct logistics and secure chain-of-custody techniques, to ensure compliance, security, and sustainability for all of your products. Technology is continually developing, and refresh cycles are shortening. As a result, the IT asset disposal service process has become more complex, introducing major business risks for you and your organization.

Asset disposal is an essential aspect of many large corporations' life cycles. As a result, it consumes a significant amount of the time and resources of many in-house IT teams. We provide a vital service by collaborating with you to handle this area of your IT function so that you may focus your resources on other duties. and the brocent Asia help desk staff handles around 15 thousand IT issues and support requests every year. We assist multinational clients in delivering allocated or dedicated onsite IT engineer support services in the ASIA region while adhering to tight SLA and IT quality management standards. We provide a high-quality company IT support desk and remote network monitoring services 24*7 help desk, seven days a week.

The following are only a few examples of when asset disposal is appropriate:

When assets are updated as a result of technological advancements

Warranty replacement of faulty units

Asset trade-ins or sales

IT asset disposal services, also known as IT asset disposition or asset recovery, are typically utilized by IT departments to dispose of and/or recycle assets that have reached the end of their useful life. These assets mostly consist of hardware equipment that, if not disposed of appropriately, can result in data loss, environmental effects, and brand concerns. Outsourcing an IT asset disposal service is an efficient approach to ensure that assets containing sensitive data are disposed of safely.

March 21, 2022

IT Hardware Maintenance Services Are Required

IT Support Services is an umbrella word for comprehensive software and hardware support for your corporate computing systems. This entails comprehensively documenting all hardware and software that must be maintained for the system to function effectively and ideally, as well as doing the maintenance chores required for the system to achieve those goals.

When you hire a specialized IT hardware company like Brocent to maintain your software and hardware, you shift the burden of ensuring your IT functions away from you and us, allowing you to focus on the effectiveness of your core business. You don't have to be concerned about what might go wrong with your IT system because we monitor everything and deal with any issues that arise.

IT hardware maintenance services are critical for any business and play a significant role. Keeping an entire company's IT systems—both software and hardware—running smoothly is a daunting task, whether you are a small or large business. This may appear to be impossible if you run a larger company. Of course, one solution is to hire internal IT personnel. However, this can be very costly, especially in large companies, and even IT staff can become overwhelmed if a large number of problems arise.

Consider Your IT Maintenance Service Tactics

Maintain complete control over the lifecycle of IT assets, from design to disposal and everything in between. Brocent provides your customers with unrivaled engineering expertise. Finally, this relieves you of the burden of managing multiple third-party support providers and lowers the risk of unauthorized activity, such as We help ensure your brand and customers are protected at every stage of the technology life cycle.

Unauthorized third-party support providers may jeopardize the integrity of your technology solutions and expose you and your end-users to unnecessary risks. Our skilled technicians and engineers are trained on a variety of platforms to maintain the most complex IT infrastructures and bridge the gap for your customers. We will return them to you when they are ready for the next upgrade. Brocent also offers business IT support services to better support its clients, including a helpdesk that is readily available Every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To avoid data loss and threats to your business, never hesitate to contact Brocent; our top priority will be to keep your company from suffering from low productivity. BETA